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  • Our Refugee Sale

    Published 23/11/17

    On Thursday 23rd November we held a cake, origami and bookmark sale, at St. Cecilia’s RC Primary School, to help the Sutton Deanery Community Sponsorship Group raise £9000 to have a Syrian refugee family in Sutton. The Sutton Deanery Community Sponsorship Group is holding various different cake sales around Sutton.

    I (Harry), Elinor, Miles, Billy, Erin and Pippa raised £200.43. I was handling financial details whilst Elinor, Erin, Miles and Pippa were selling items. Billy was advertising the sale.

    We decided to hold this sale when Elinor spotted, in her local church newsletter that the Sutton Deanery Community Sponsorship Group needed to raise £9000 to have a Syrian refugee family in Sutton.

    We had a lot of fun doing this and we hope that we have contributed to the £9000 that Sutton Deanery Community Sponsorship Group need to raise.


    Harry, Elinor, Erin, Miles, Billy and Pippa

    Year Five and Year Three


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  • Green for Grenfell

    Published 23/06/17

    Today our school family came together to show their love and support for everyone who was so tragically affected by the Grenfell fire.  Thank you all for the very generous donations (latest total is over £800) and an extra special thank you to the children who donated their pocket money.   

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  • Healthy Lifestyle Week

    Published 12/06/17

    Healthy Lifestyle Week

    This week has been Healthy Lifestyle Week throughout the school. We have been taking part in different activities. Every day we did Wake Up Shake Up. It is when we dance to music to be active.

    On Monday we had a class discussion on what it meant to be healthy. We said that we had to eat healthy, exercise and have a healthy mind.

    On Tuesday, in the front playground, there were two boxes; one a praise box and the other a worry box. We could write down a praise or a worry. Later on in the day, our class teacher read a book to us called ‘The Huge bag of worries’. We talked about if we told someone about our worries, they would soon go away. Year 4, 5 & 6 also had there mindfulness session. We did breathing exercises and it helped us de-stress.

    On Wednesday we walked to school and got a sticker. So many people walked to school, we ran out of stickers!

    On Thursday, in the front playground, we had an 80’s workout were we all had to join in. Year 1, 2 and 3 had their mindfulness session. We learnt all about healthy foods and a balanced diet.

    On Friday we had our Healthy Lifestyle week reflection. We were asked questions about this week and were allowed time to reflect and relax.

    This week has been a great week at St. Cecilia’s!                   


    Rhianna and Jessa

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  • New News Story

    Published 05/06/17

    RE Week

    On Thursday 15th of June we had a mass where Father Rob came in as the whole school celebrated RE week. Every year group had something to say for example readings and bidding prayers. We had two children from each year group speaking from year one upwards.

    Our school chaplaincy team designed a whole school mosaic for the front playground and every child in the school laid some of the tiles. The pupils had half term homework to design their own class cross mosaic which were also made this week.

    We had five prayer spaces set up around the school for the children to spend time reflecting and to think about their relationship with God.

    Year three went to a synagogue to show how they respect other religions as well as ours and to learn about their religion for their RE topic.

    The year ones had a workshop for the day. First they made treasure boxes to draw and write what was special to them and kept the things inside the box. Later on they made actions to two songs and their favourite song was ‘Creator God’.

    During R.E week the Chaplains split up into pairs and went to every class in the school and led a five minute morning reflection.

    In the early years, they had Grandparents day where the children did activities and had a lot of fun.

    Bu Isabella and Olivia

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  • Netball Rally 

    Published 29/04/17
    The Netball Rally​ On Saturday 29th April 2017, 7 Y6 girls from our school were chosen to participate in the Sutton Borough Netball Rally. During that week, we had won the league. This gave us confidence and hope in winning the rally. When
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  • Netball Tournament 

    Published 26/04/17

    Netball Tournament

    On the 26th of April, eight girls, from the netball team, got chosen to represent St. Cecilia’s in a netball tournament at Westbourne primary school.

    At school (before we left), we practiced in the green playground for 20 minutes. We then left school at 13:05 and met up at the hosting school. When we got there, we made tactics and warmed up while waiting for the other teams. Sadly, before we started Preshitha had to leave which meant we were left to 7 girls so if one was hurt we couldn’t play.

    Finally, all the schools arrived. We gathered around as the president of Sutton’s netball association explained the different leagues and rules. Our team was in league B alongside three other teams.

    The first match was St. Dunstan’s vs Robin Hood and Robin Hood won, which meant they were through to the finals. We had already played Robin Hood and St. Dunstan’s in previous games.

    Our first match was against Foresters. In the first two minutes some of us panicked but soon we all calmed down and were up by two in the first half. We all found good space which gave us a great advantage. In the end the score was 5-0 to us. We were in the finals!

    In the finals, it was a very tense match against Robin Hood (for the second time) as we scored, then they scored, then we did and them again. Luckily, we scored three more times which gave us victory! We had won the finals for the B league with the score of 5-2.

    Anisa was Wing Defence, Liya Wing Attack, Anna was Goal-Keeper, Mary Goal Defence, Ada was Goal Attack (scorer), Rosie was Goal Shooter (scorer) and Rhianna was Centre.

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  • World Book Day 

    Published 02/03/17

    This is a day when the whole world celebrates the joy of books.

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  • Online Saftey Week 

    Published 09/02/17

    Our e-safety week began with an assembly that Miss Costello made. She took a photo of us but then, she released she didn’t ask us if she could post it on the internet. So, Miss Costello walked us through the questions she would need to ask us before she could post it.  

    She also helped us about staying safe on the Internet, not posting pictures of us in our uniform or giving names and addresses.

    We also looked at some websites about e-safety with our class. It was quite interesting.

    Emily T, Y3

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  • I Wonder at the Baptist Church

    Published 15/12/16

    IWonder Space


    On Thursday the 15 of December2016  classes throughout     St. Cecilia’s primary school went to Cheam Baptist Church to reflect on ourselves.

    One of the activities we did was to name the stuff in life you were thankful for. We talked about how we are greatful for the stuff we had. One of the activities we did was writing what we have in life that we are lucky to have with ribbons. Another activity we did was making people we are thankful for out of playdoh. The last activity in that station we did was writing on a post it note what we ourselves are grateful and thankful for and stick it up.

    The next activity we did was thinking  about where we originated from. There was a range of places where people in our school came from. It varied from Grenada to Ghana. We all stuck a post note with our names on and placed them on a map to show where our families are from.


    Zoe Ketibuah

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  • I Wonder Spaces

    Published 15/12/16
    I Wonder Space   During Advent, Y2 –Y6 went to the Baptist Church. We went there because we were preparing for the birth of Christ and needed to reflect. As soon as we arrived in the main hall, we sat in a circle and the volunteers e
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  • Google Expeditions 

    Published 05/12/16


    Google Expeditions 

    Google Expeditions enable Teachers to bring students on virtual trips to places like Underwater, Outer-Space and Museums and pretty-much anywhere on Earth! Google Expedition is a good virtual way to explore the world.   


    After Lunch, we all came into the Hall and we were all given a view finder. St. Teresa’s were all so excited to see through the view finders to see what Virtual Reality felt like. Our teacher was with a tablet controlling where we were and we had to look in the direction of the arrow. When everyone had looked in the right direction the teacher read facts to us about the specific place.


    Once the view finders were ready, we looked through and saw the amazing and high view of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a beautiful World Heritage Site in the Andes mountain range located in Peru and has an area of 13km ². The view was so amazing on Machu Picchu. I would love to go to place as cool as that!      


    After a while, a lot of us started to feel dizzy because of the feel of the virtual view! We all really enjoyed it and it was something different. I think it is amazing how people create such cool computerised things.


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  •  The Corpus Christi Chaplaincy meeting

    Published 28/11/16

        The Corpus Christi Chaplaincy meeting


    On the 15th November 2016, Mary and Grace [of the chaplaincy team] went on a trip to Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Primary school. When they went there, with Mrs Simmons and Mrs Mayhew, they learnt what other schools do under the headings of: ‘What do you understand by Mass and Liturgy?’, ‘How Do Chaplains See their role?’ and ‘What could Chaplains do to improve their role?’

    We mixed up with other schools and discussed the questions that we were asked. Each one of us had amazing ideas and wrote down ideas to bring back to be able to do these at our schools. One of our ideas was that we could have a mufti-day for every class for them to learn about their class saint.  Also they wouldn’t have any lessons such as Maths or English.

    When we got back to school, we sat down and discussed the ideas and how we could build on them. The following Thursday, we discussed with the other chaplains what we did. We all knew that we could make the ideas into reality if we worked together as The Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School’s Chaplains. Meanwhile, on the next we discussed what had been said at The Corpus Christi Chaplaincy meeting. We came up with loads of ideas that link to the real meaning of Christmas.


    By The Chaplaincy Team

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