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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Celebrating Miss de Normanville's Silver Jubilee

This September our school family is celebrating Miss de Normanville's Silver Jubliee. The Welcome Mass on Thursday, was a perfect opportunity to catch her unawares and present her with a token of our appreciation for the care she has shown not only as a teacher but also as a valued colleague and friend.  


" She is so kind and helpful and will always listen to what we have to say" Nicole, Y3


"When she reads us stories she makes it exciting by putting on voices" Erin, Y3


Whenever we are upset she cheers us up and makes us feel better" Amelia, Y3


"She is the kindest person I have ever met and helped me to do maths better than I ever could before" Amelie, Y4 


"She is one of the best teachers in the school" Elinor Y4


"On my first day of school, starting in Y3, she helped me to find my way" Ania, Y4


"Amazing, wonderful, extraordinary" Erin, Y6


"She was kind and supportive" Mille and Becky, Y6  


"She is very enthusiastic and made starting Y3 so fun" Darragh, Y6 


"When we were hurt or upset she would always take care of us" Malachi, Y6 

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