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Year 6 Debate for Parliament Week 

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Parliament Week


This week, as part of Parliament week, year 6 have been taking part in various activities including: learning about the different aspects of Parliament (the Monarchs, House of Lords and House of Commons’ role in parliament); what makes a good speaker for a debate and we planned a debate and took part in one! We also wrote a letter to our local MP (Paul Scully) about bullying as it was also Anti-Bullying Week. This year’s theme is ‘Power of Good’ and we wrote to him to show him that we need his support to keep Anti-Bullying week in schools present in parliamentary discussion. Every year 6 child wrote a letter to him, sent them via email and some were read out in our reflection assembly on Friday.  


Back to Parliament, we worked in our house groups to plan a debate and then wrote a one-sided argument about whether animals should be kept in zoos or not and held a debate about it. Our debate included eight speakers: four in favour of zoos, four against. Both sides were amazing, persuasive and determined to win. Our Chairman was Niamh and she was very loud and kept control of the rowdy MPs!!! The people we had to convince were Mrs Everton, Miss Moore and Ms Humphrey – they would decide the outcome. The side that won was …both!!We tied so it would have been DEAD LOCK. If this happened in parliament, they would have revisited the argument.


We have had a fantastic week, who knows, one of us might become a real MP one day!


Rhianna and Finn