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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Google Expeditions 

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Google Expeditions 

Google Expeditions enable Teachers to bring students on virtual trips to places like Underwater, Outer-Space and Museums and pretty-much anywhere on Earth! Google Expedition is a good virtual way to explore the world.   


After Lunch, we all came into the Hall and we were all given a view finder. St. Teresa’s were all so excited to see through the view finders to see what Virtual Reality felt like. Our teacher was with a tablet controlling where we were and we had to look in the direction of the arrow. When everyone had looked in the right direction the teacher read facts to us about the specific place.


Once the view finders were ready, we looked through and saw the amazing and high view of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a beautiful World Heritage Site in the Andes mountain range located in Peru and has an area of 13km ². The view was so amazing on Machu Picchu. I would love to go to place as cool as that!      


After a while, a lot of us started to feel dizzy because of the feel of the virtual view! We all really enjoyed it and it was something different. I think it is amazing how people create such cool computerised things.