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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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I Wonder Space


During Advent, Y2 –Y6 went to the Baptist Church. We went there because we were preparing for the birth of Christ and needed to reflect. As soon as we arrived in the main hall, we sat in a circle and the volunteers explained to us what we had to do at the different activities. Examples of our activities were using ribbons to write out what we are most grateful for, making who we love out of  Play-Doh and putting our fingerprints on branches of a printed out tree to show how we are all unique.

The activity of making Play-Doh people was to show how much we appreciate our friends and family. Some people decided to create their close friends, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents.

There was a footprint activity where we thought about the answers to some questions, for example ‘Who do you look up to? `. This activity helped pupils to have some time to their self to think about these questions very carefully, and then they might then realise when they get back home, that they should treat them better, they might respect them more.


Finally, we went into the tent and there were questions that we needed to answer. For example, how are we all unique and different.

Then we left and feeling better about ourselves. Also we got a diamond saying that we are wonderful, unique and special.

Written By Shania.Uthayakumar and Grace Wong